The “recommend something to Maskripper….week” – Volume II

After a long time it is now time again for another “recommend something to Maskripper-week”!

Right now I do have plenty of material to post for my other blog Frogwoman, but very little for this one.

So, how about some recomendations? I do know a lot of TV shows and movies with masked women by now, but there are still a lot of hidden gems out there, that are rather unknown to most people.

How does that work?

– Well, just use the contact form below to recommend a movie, tv-series, a comic, a website or whatever with a masked woman/masked women.

– Of course this blog is already pretty big with a lot of content, and I do know quite a lot of movies, tv-series and so on…but there is always a chance that I don’t know it or forgot about it (then it wasn’t a really good scene 😉 )

  • EDIT: And of course it’s a great bonus if there are attempted unmaskings or unmaskings in it!

What do you get?

– Besides my gratitude….you can earn free months for the Maskripper VIP club, depending how good your recommendations are (and if they are new to me).

Ready? GO!


You can make up a fake name if you want to, but of course you should provide a working email adress so that I can mail you back.

Of course, no names or mailadress will be shared with anyone by me.

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