Batwoman: Promo pictures for episode 1 of season 2

The Batwoman Promo machine is coming to speed after we finally got the trailer last week!

Now Entertainment Weekly published 9 pictures today.

Here you can see all 9 of them in one place:

Quite a lot of question can be asked about these pictures:

Will be very interesting to see how Elliot disguised as Bruce Wayne will act in the early episodes.

What is his goal? How will they find out that it isn’t Bruce Wayne after all?

What does he have in picture number 4 in his hands. I guess a weapon….but what kind?

And Kate Kane disappears and Ryan Wilder surfaces…..will be interesting to see how all of the characters will handle that.

Where does the new car is coming from? The red colored section and the bat symbol aren’t on it at that point.

Who is poiting that gun at Alice? And why?

Oh, the first episode will have to answer a LOT of questions!

Season start on January 17, just one month to go!

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