Stargirl, Season 3, episode 10 [short review]

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All in all a good episode with a dramatic ending…. but after we got some minutes of Wildcat in the last episode, the masked ladies got …another… break!

So we have another episode of Courtney and friends…. in this show that has this mysterious “Stargirl” in the title.

Well, I guess some of the audience already forgot who that is by now 😉

Finally, we (seemingly?) see who the big villain is, even if that has to be confirmed in the last episodes of the season/show.

It was rather weird that he appeared in that mask which he then took off after some seconds.

I mean, why was he wearing it in the first place? We never saw him in that mask…if I remember correctly.

For a dramatic revealing the masked killer should have had more than 5 seconds of screentime prior 😉

There are only 3 episodes left now and I wanna see some ACTION in the last episodes of the show! But I think it’s a safe bet that the team finally will be in action against the bad guys.

It was very nice of Courtney that she said that she killed Cameroon’s father and protected *EDIT* Rick with it. But well, that won’t make a difference now after we know that he is still alive.

It will be interesting to see if Rick will maybe temporarily join the bad guys after he is under the constant influence of his hourglass. Right now he is no help at all for the JSA.

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