Stargirl – Season 1, episode 11 – ………

And now all the action scenes from episode 11 of Stargirl:







… well that’s all the action there was in episode 11.

It wasn’t a bad episode, but there was no action at all. No scenes with the masked heroines.

Pretty much an episode to tell some background stories. We get to know much more about Courtney’s father who gets into town, also the Shining Knight is a big topic.

We get some scenes with the bad guys that actually move the storyline forward. Especially with Brainwave who tells Icicle that Courtney is Stargirl…. #exposed!

All this prepares us for the two final episodes of the season.

I’m looking forward to these and hope that Stargirl and her team get a lot of screentime there!

 I really hope that season 2 will deal a bit more with the actual storyline, and I think it will since there won’t be the need to introduce all these characters anymore, besides the new ones from season 2.

I hope that Stargirl will take care of every bad guy who knows her secret.

I wonder what they will do in season 2…will there be a bunch of new villains? Will Stargirl and her team fight “normal” criminals as well?

Here is the trailer for episode 12:




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