Participation week!

Well, time that YOU get a little active! πŸ˜‰

I would like to know:

What is your favorite unmasking (video-)scene?

It can be in a feature film, TV-series or in a web-series. Just comment by clicking on the little “bubble” on the upper right corner of this post. (You don’t need your real name or mailadress).

Let’s see how many of you guys will participate… πŸ™‚

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  1. I have a couple like the first time batgirl was unmasked BTAS or cathrine zeta jones as an air pirate was unmasked in the phantom, but my all time favorite is out of the the old G.I. Joe series, episode “Laser’s in the night” where quickkicks girlfriend dressed up as a catburgler and broke into G.I. Joe headquarters and was captured and unmasked by Duke. She was where a cowl and a lower mask so it was a twofer unmasking. and makes it my favorite.

  2. Too many…So in no particular order…Comics: I think it’s a Batgirl cover art with her dad pointing a gun at her and she has her back towards him and Batgirl unmasks. TV: A tie between Batgirl getting unmasked in Birds of Prey TV show and Black Scorpion unmasked by Flashpoint. Animation: A tie between Catwoman self unmaskings and Batgirl getting unmasked on a boat in Batman: The Animated Series. Movies: Catwoman and Batman in Batman Returns. There’s way too many.

  3. A lot of the ones mentioned are mine too from Batman TAS, but i’d have to throw in the Powercat video from the old New Phoenix Filmworks company, where she gets changed into her costume in the beginning and later has to remove her mask. I can’t seem to find online but maybe I can upload some time. The mask was like a tight batiglr/catwoman make, wished it were one of the ones that was used in Adversaries. Btw hope to eventually be allowed to see how the Adversaries series ends as I was a fan and only had respect for his work!

  4. I always liked Catwoman taking off her mask in the woods after being poisoned in Batman TAS in the episode “Cat Scratch Fever.”

  5. Nothing specific comes to mind, but I’m a big fan of the Japanese GIGA-style videos where the heroine is captured and the gloating villain slowly peels off (or in the case of Power Ranger-style helmeted heroines, breaks) her mask, is shocked by the identity of the girl underneath, and then laughs while the heroine turns bright red.

  6. I agree with niching. I also like Black Scorpion’s various ones, and I have yet to see a recreation of Batman 1989’s unmaking attempt done with a Batgirl. That, I would buy instantly.


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