Official promo pictures of the NEW Javicia Leslie Batwoman costume!


The CW released these two promo pictures of Javicia Leslie in her NEW Batwoman costume (will debut in episode 3 of season 2):

(click to enlarge to full size)

I am (positively) surprised!
Love these new shiny, smooth panels on her costume! Very sexy :thumbup:
Also the red gauntlets are awesome. Thanks god the cowl didn’t get smaller/less concealing like I feared.
The cowl has a chin strap again! :thumbup:

This really fuels my anticipation for season 2 after we got practically nothing in regards of promo pictures and no teaser or trailers so far!

Right now I have a big smile on my face 🙂

4 thoughts on “Official promo pictures of the NEW Javicia Leslie Batwoman costume!”

  1. Because that is her real hair, I doubt there will be any true unmaskings. Her hair will get messed up removing the cowl, and the actresses never want that to happen. Should she have the black paint around her eyes as Ruby Rose did? Maybe they tried it and it didn’t look right?

    • That is the point where I am totally unsure at the moment.
      Is that her real hair or a wig?
      I never seen that haircut on Javicia on any set pictures so far. She always have smooth hair there.
      She posted a video in the last hours, I will update the post shortly.
      Right now I think that “african” haircut is a wig that Batwoman is wearing.
      That would make much more sense than the alternative….

    • Well, only time will tell 😉
      Hoping that someone will continue where that one thug in season 1 failed (as he yanked on Batwoman’s wig).
      And that wig and cowl will be removed by someone else then herself. 😉


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