Batwoman, season 2, episode 4 “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes” [Review]

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The post is a little later as usual, but I had a rather unusual thing to do yesterday, so I didn’t have enough time to write the review on Monday evening as usual.

2 thoughts on “Batwoman, season 2, episode 4 “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes” [Review]”

  1. Hands down my favorite episode of the series.

    Candy Lady was a good, creepy villain. As to your point about her aging, well… some people just age very well.

    Your other point about Ryan getting nabbed by the goons… she approached at night and alone, so it makes sense that the FFS (lol) would be keeping watch.

    I like that Ryan’s ex actually has an appearance at the end and might be sticking around for a bit.

    I, too, enjoy Alice and Sophie together. I didn’t care for Alice in season one, but the more I think on it, maybe I actually didn’t like Ruby/Kate instead. 😛

    A thought occurred to me, because of all of Ryan’s flashbacks in this episode: What if the kryptonite wound she has isn’t real? Like it’s just a physical manifestation of her traumas? Something that will hold her back from time to time until she finds a way to overcome her issues or talk with someone about it?

    On the negative side, the preview for next week seems to imply Luke doesn’t still trust Ryan fully which is kind of annoying. I hope it’s just the way they spliced clips together; I really don’t wanna see them going back on that so soon.

    • Thanks for the comment!
      Yeah, my negative points aren’t that strong….fortunately.
      Well, so far nobody else has seen the Kryptonite wound, so you could be right about it. But actually, I do think it is real.
      It just comes to my mind that Luke must have seen that the suit was punctured. He repaired it at some point. So, he should have asked Ryan about it.
      If something got through the suit it clearly had hit Ryan and wounded her.
      I think the Desert Rose will be the solution to her poisoning.
      About the preview for episode 5, here is the synopsis:

      I think he trusts her by now but somehow there is something where they disagree upon.
      And perhaps the Kryptonite does affect Ryan by now? Changes her behaviour? Wouldn’t be surprised by that.


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