Batwoman, season 2, episode 4: “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes”

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[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

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My highlights from this episode (without particular order):

1 – Alice teasing Sophie! I really love the scenes with these two together. The way Alice constantly teasing Sophie, playing with her, knowing exactly how to manipulate her. Alice makes some really funny remarks that set a nice contrast to an otherwise rather dark episode. Alice licking on the bell pepper and then putting it back into the fridge and her comments about Sophie’s diet “Do you have ANYTHING with actual calories in here?” and Sophie’s reply “There is rat poison under the sink!” were the highlights. Some greatly written dialogues here.

2 – More insights into Ryan’s past! I liked how her past was connected to the new mission/storyline. As Ryan is still the new one here it’s good that we get to know more about her and her past. And it becomes very clear that she had a really troubled past overall. Also, I liked the connection to the missing Beth that they included.

3 – The new guy: Ocean – Along with Tatiana, his character has been announced before the season as a recurring character. As it seems his character is connected to Beth/Alice and Safiyah. What was his role? Guess he was a soldier of Safiyah, most likely one of the higher ranks under her command. Safiyah is now very determined to let him be killed, so it seems like he left Coryana for some reason. It also seems like Beth/Alice may have been into him back then.

4 – Ryan moving in with Mary – Quite a surprise to see that! Still, it’s not really clear if Mary is actually straight or not. For a while, I thought she was into Luke, but right now she seems kind of attracted to Ryan. The highlight here was how Ryan (seemingly) found Mary’s sex toy box ;-). “Uh, I think I am not supposed to see this!” – I wonder how this will be developed over the next episodes.

5 – Batwoman’s first “real” action scenes! I mean in the last episode Batwoman got her new costume that fits Ryan. In the last episodes, she wasn’t into her new role until her confrontation with Zsasz. Of course, she couldn’t handle the new gadgets without any experience. In this episode, she was confident in her role, wasn’t goofing around anymore. She was successful and showed that she can now handle her new “job”.


Aspects I didn’t like in this episode:

>>> The evil candy lady seems to have a youth serum. I mean she looked exactly the same in the present that was supposed to be 20 years later than the scenes with Ryan. With some grey hairs and “age makeup” that would have been looked convincing. But ok, a rather small issue. Also, it was kind of odd how they captured Ryan. Ryan shows up, goons were already on standby to grab her. Maybe I missed something but they were oddly well prepared to snatch someone who shows up randomly at the house. But perhaps I missed something…will rewatch the episode today.

>>> Maybe the gang guy who ran away from Batwoman was on drugs or something, but it’s not the smartest thing to run on the street if you are chased by a car 😉 . Not a real complaint as people do silly stuff. It leads to a nice action scene as Batwoman used her car to catch him though.


— What happened to Julia by the way? She wasn’t in this or the episode before. Or is she on a long vacation and I missed that? 😆 . I hope she will be in the next episode as I really like her role. And after all she is now a regular cast member, so she should be back soon.

— It would be interesting what the Jelly Bean guys think about this episode! 😉 . I mean every sort of advertising is better than none…but in this episode, Jelly Beans are associated with the very evil candy lady who kidnaps kids. Perhaps not the image you want as a company. 😉

— I am enjoying the whole Black Mask storyline, even we haven’t really seen him or even know who will play him. But I think he will be an excellent foe for our Batwoman. A real tough one.

— Jacob offering 1 million dollars for information on Kate was a surprising move, at least in that amount. It shows now how much he cares for Kate and how bitter he is that he treated Batwoman that badly. But I think that reward won’t lead to anything as I am sure they will come on Safiyah’s trail on their own.

— As Batwoman saved Jacob from being killed by the gang and their evil introduction ritual for Kevin…he realized that Batwoman doesn’t have to be his enemy. Of course, the revelation that Kate was/is the original Batwoman changed his attitude towards her already, but in this scene, she saved his life. He won’t go after her, at least for quite a while.

— The Kryptonite poisoning was addressed again in 2 scenes. I wonder why Ryan doesn’t wanna talk about it with Mary, who could help her. But well, perhaps she is one of those folks who don’t wanna share such health issues with others. The Kryptonite poisoning will be addressed again in the upcoming episodes and I’m rather sure the Desert Rose might play a central role then 😉

— Will be interesting to see how things develop with Ryan’s old/new girlfriend who seems to be willing to bond again after all these years. As that girlfriend is seemingly somehow involved in illegal activities….that should provide also an interesting plot point as Ryan is Batwoman now. I think Batwoman will run into her….and it gets…complicated 😉

— It was pretty satisfying to see Ryan beat up the evil candy lady like that! Damn, she really deserved it.

>>> Rating “General:” <<<

4 out of 5 – Batwoman has grown into her role in a rather dark, thrilling episode! Some great funny moments included.



Batwoman screen time: 05:30 (long cut)

“Mask action” (blue colored if yes): – attempted unmasking  – forced unmaskings (incl. a witness) – self unmaskings (without witness) – self unmaskings (with a witness) – unmaskings  – mask damage – “mask talk” (incl. “secret identity talk”) – additional masked women – close calls with opportunities to unmask Batwoman

 Who knows her secret identity by now (Ryan Wilder Batwoman)?:

For sure: 2 – 0 of these are villains



Sexy “mask-related” -scenes:

Batwoman rescued Jacob which is suspenseful as he used to hate the original Batwoman. But ok, in this case, he won’t be after the new Batwoman as she saved him.

>>> Rating “Mask”: <<<

2,5 out of 5 – An average Batwoman screentime without any secret identity issues.

So far, only 2 folks actually know her secret identity, and both of them are on her team.



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And here are my special Batwoman cuts from this episode:

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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9 thoughts on “Batwoman, season 2, episode 4: “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes””

  1. I like how Ryan now has more connection to Alice as both got kidnapped as a child. Ryan managed to escape but otherwise she might have ended up similar like Alice.
    Might make it easier to relate to her in the future 🙂
    Which will make things interesting.

    The creepy lady attacking the kids self esteem and making theem feel abandoned and alone so they will join her or the gang was quite scary and awfully realistic.
    The ritual of killing someone to get in the gang was also very child soldier like.
    Hard to turn your back to the gang once you have commited a murder for them and cut ties with society.

    I am still trying to figure out why Ryan showed up without suit at that house.
    It seems she wanted the old lady to see her face and confront her about her past or something.
    However it was quite strange as she could have expected the woman would not recognize her as she was now grown.

    It keeps suprising me how easily Ryan gets ambushed and sneaked up on. One kid walked up to her and pulled her cape before she noticed him and those thugs also sneaked up on her despite that she knew the old lady had more than 20 years of experience in kidnapping people.

    Ryan seems incredibly incompetent and naive for someone who survived a kidnapping, grew up in a criminal neighbourhood, went to jail and has six black belts.

    • Well, Ryan wanted to face her as herself as she was the one who was abducted. So she could get her personal revenge on her.
      That wouldn’t be the same as she would change into Batwoman.

      Yeah, the kid walked up on Batwoman but I guess she didn’t think of a small kid as a threat and it was rather impossible to hear that as the alarm was pretty loud.
      Don’t know how her cowl works in terms of what she can hear and not…or if her “enhanced hearing” like in season 1 was activated.

      That Ryan scene with the candy lady. I was very much surprised about that scene that they seemingly awaiting intruders like her at any minute. Yeah, they sneaked up on her.
      But well, she was just as Ryan there. I don’t think she really was incompetent in that scene. Plus she is still learning to grow into her new life.

      • I watched it again.
        Quite an amazing episode.

        It seems Ryan wanted to kinda face her past. Perhaps a way to leave the past behind where she was helpless and weak by confronting her demon.

        Ironically she ended up in exactly the same situation (captured, helpless, alone, tied up etc) but because of her personal growth she overcame that situation and the woman and defeated her past.

        Personally I think it would have been even better if she had been gagged as well as that would more closely represent her lowest point during the kidnap (being locked up and realizing those volunteers were not looking for her).

        Perhaps a plot device that the Candy Lady magically somehow knew she was there and had people read to capture her?

        • I really enjoyed how Ryan’s backstory as a kid was connected to the present storyline with Kevin.
          And yeah, I guess she “needed” to be captured, so she would be in the same position as she was as a kid.
          But this time she beat the crap out of the Candy Lady 🙂

          • Noticed that this episode several main characters act recklessly and incompetent as a plot device.

            Jacob Kane: former soldier and head of a private security company goes to a shady neighbourhood all by himself to meet someone who might have information. He does not bring backup and get sneaked up on by a kid.

            Sophie Moore: second in command and also highly trained soldier checks out an appartment by herself and gets suprised and beat up by Jacqueline.

            Ryan Wilder: grew up in bad places, has six black belts and has been in jail but confronts the Candy Lady all by herself despite knowing that she has 20 years of experience in abducting people.
            She gets sneaked up on and caught.

            That is 3 who completely fail in preparation, situational awareness etc despite that their background suggest they should act otherwise???

          • I deleted your other comments as it was practically identical to this one. Did you think that your first comment was lost? 😉
            I have to approve every comment here. Unless I do it doesn’t show up.

            I really appreciate your comments as you are pretty passionate about the show and are quite active about it.
            But in this case, I do think you are overthinking it a bit. I know I may have said that already some months back in the group on Facebook.
            Yeah, they are not always in their A-game, so to speak, but most of it can be rather easily explained.
            – Why would Jacob wanna bring in back-up? He just wanted to meet with someone who would give him a tip about Kate and thereby could earn a lot of money. That wasn’t a combat mission or so.
            – Yeah, Sophie could have done a better job in that apartment, but well, it’s not that tough to sneak up on someone. She doesn’t need to be a ninja for that ;-). And she is called Angelique. Hard to say how well trained she is trained herself, but she seems to have a long criminal history. We will learn more about her soon.
            – And Ryan thought she could handle that old Candy Lady, and who would she bring in as backup? The police won’t believe her as she didn’t have evidence. And the crows…..well, they don’t care. It wasn’t her finest moment as they managed to snatch her, that’s right. But I guess she will learn from that.

  2. Thought I did not press comment or something 😛
    Ah well

    I like to analyse certain stories and how the characters relate to each other. Especially when something feels relatable.
    In this episode the shocking part was how Candy Lady was basically turning desperate kids into child soldiers.
    It felt like Ryan dodged a bullet with that one. She could have become like Alice or worse had it not been for Angelique.

    That is why it will be interesting how her relationship with Angelique will develop as they seem on opposing sides but she saved her life literally.

    -Jacob Kane is the acting leader of a security firm in a crime infested city with tons of poverty on one side and extremely rich people on the other side. So he can be a target. Walking around in a poor neighbourhood is not smart.
    For an example in fiction watch the Bourne series. Situational awareness and prep is key while facing possible threats.

    -Every Law enforcement person knows that searching a house by yourself is extremely dangerous. And when you are without people to watch your rear you never stand with your back to an entrance and always keep a wall or barier behind you. That way people can’t sneak up on you and you have a good view of what happens around you. These should be deeply ingrained habbits to soldiers like Jacob and Sophie.

    I am not a soldier and even I do this.
    When visiting a scary house I would definitely do this.

    Anglique seemed very skilled and smart. But Sophie seems to often fail a lot. Kate saved her in the pilot. She got sneaked up by Alice. Had to get tackled away from a sniper shot by Julia (who she also did not see moving at her). She seems to make a lot of mistakes.

    -Watched Ryan again and I can relate to it better. She went through something horrible so it makes sense to confront that without hiding behind the batsuit. She also wanted to show the Candy Lady that people actually cared for the kids that she kidnapped.

    Again when talking to a possible dangerous person you make scan your environment for accomplices who might sneak up on you. However this can be excused as Ryan assumed the Candy Lady was working alone and thus was fixated on her.

    Standing there facing the past while confronting her it seems to make sense Ryan was caught off guard.

    Also the thugs seemed insanely prepared as they tased and grabbed her and kept their own faces away so the lady could spray her.
    Which seems to imply they did this before.
    And it also summons the question if they knew Ryan would show up?
    Which perhaps makes the False Face Society even beter informed and powerfull than we thought they were.


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