Batwoman, season 2, episode 2 “Prior Criminal History” [Review]

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*EDIT, January 26:*

Added some more thoughts to the article.

2 thoughts on “Batwoman, season 2, episode 2 “Prior Criminal History” [Review]”

  1. Good episode; I even dug Alice in this for a change.

    Only issue was I felt Javica over-acted in a few scenes. Though it does contrast well with Ruby’s stilted acting from S1.

    Speaking of Ruby, I was reading something earlier this weekend that mentioned a back injury she had from filming early in Batwoman. So… maybe she didn’t actually get fired. So… maybe Kate still is alive after all.

    • Yeah, Alice was really killing it (again) for me as well.
      Well, Ryan is a completely different character. While Kate is far more “grumpy” and closed up, Ryan expresses herself quite strongly. I guess she already will have more funny lines than Kate had.

      That back injury may be one of the reasons. I also heard that being THE lead on a TV show was too much for her in terms of working hours. She was only used to play support actors in movies, and being the lead on such a TV show is something completely different! In many ways….
      Guess we never will get the full truth about her reasons.
      So I think that Ruby won’t come back to the show, but I think, that Kate Kane will come back to the show, she is 100% not dead and I think she will turn up at the end of the season.
      But I think that neither she or CW/WB want to work together again on that show at least.


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