Masks off! #6 – Catwoman gassed and unmasked by the Scarecrow!

Another issue of “Masks off”! This time Catwoman sneaks into a warehouse to steal some jewels. But it’s a TRAP! Gas fills the room…she wakes up…blinded by a lightflash. Someone is taking pictures of her….unmasked!

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Great stuff, but would have been even better with her awake during the unmasking (and it should have been shown).

From the really great “Batman – Terror” story that was published in the Legends of the Dark Knight.

0 thoughts on “Masks off! #6 – Catwoman gassed and unmasked by the Scarecrow!”

  1. I really love how Scarecrow gets Catwoman into such a helpless condition and that being unmasked is such a deep fear for here. Subduing her with a gas trap is nice too. Getting Batgirl into such a predicament would be the ultimate for me.

    I really like your blog and hope it takes off. I am looking forward to more pictures!

  2. Finally, someone who is considered about her secret identity. I can’t stand the trend of no masks on heroines/villainess. Spider-Man reveals his secret id to everyone now. Why wear the mask?


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