Masks Off! #33 – Mantra disguised

In this episode of “Masks off” I would like to present Mantra!

She normally has some kind of magic mask/costume, but in this scene, she needs to disguise herself as one of the bad guys/girls.

She steals the costume and mask (and gas mask?) of the evil villainess πŸ™‚

Mantra 23 0013
Camera: CanoScan LiDE 110
Orientation: 1


Nice disguise!

Of course I would have prefered to see the actual unmasking, instead of “reading” it. But it’s a great costume and maskS that she puts on there πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Masks Off! #33 – Mantra disguised”

  1. NICE!!! I used to collect Mantra when she first came out. Interesting character!! This was a good find. Loved the costume she stole!! Good post!!

  2. She looked soooo much better in the costume she stole as aposed to the one she normally wears. Shame that’s the only time she had it on.


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