Masks off! #24 – Batwoman attacked and UNMASKED!

Time for this blog to continue! And I got one great unmasking for you πŸ™‚

I love that scene, great stuff!

A little preview….:




Batwoman’s MASK!!!

Here you can find the pictures…

…10 pictures all in all:



And here is the comic, where you can find it:

Batwoman – Comic

My opinion on it?


Well, the unmasking itself could use more “details”, but the consequences of her unmasking are just great….

Won’t tell too much here…

All in all one of the best unmaskings I have seen in a comic!


What do you guys think?

10 thoughts on “Masks off! #24 – Batwoman attacked and UNMASKED!”

  1. Pure gold… from total badassery to utter panic in a panel’s change!
    For no reason, I must add, since no-one will ever recognize your face during a brawl in the middle of the night. Batwoman has some work to do on the cold-blood department πŸ˜‰

  2. How did this one not make it on the Hall of Fame? You should make a Hall of Fame Section on your site. Your personal favorites of course.


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