Black Scorpion pictures! (Joan Severance)

Time for some really cool Black Scorpion pictures provided by BLuLIve. Thanks for that!

And he made a really cool picture where Black Scorpion unmasks herself in front of a villainess (the “earthquake scientist” Aftershock)!

(click to enlarge to full size)

Well, as I wrote some years ago, I prefer Michelle Lintel as Black Scorpion. She and her improved costume are my favorite Black Scorpion version.

But Joan Severance did a good job as well in introducing Black Scorpion to us. And in the movies her cop buddy Steve managed to unmask her (even it was pure luck).

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2 thoughts on “Black Scorpion pictures! (Joan Severance)”

  1. The best part of that movie:

    The great thing about these two Black Scorpion movies, is they were pre-internet days. We’re spoilt for choice these days with superheroine in peril websites and clips4sale etc. But before the internet, all we had were very rare gems like these.

    • Indeed! I remember watching the first Black Scorpion on german TV in the 90’s. Oh man, really a great ecperience!
      And I would say even today, such a movie is really good stuff, because a lot of the clip4sale stuff is crap. Crap actors in crap costumes and crap stories.


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