I started watching the series because I was curious and wanted to see if this would be a good action series. It was good and I kept watching. Than I saw the episode with Helena Bertinelli (aka Huntress), she started hiding her identity with a motorcycle helmet and fought against the Arrow. Not a sexy mask, but a start. A start to introduce sexy, masked women in the series.

And right now, near the end of 3 seasons I saw at least 5 masked women….. GREAT! Most episodes have one included…. 🙂

And that’s why it is “hall of fame” for me!

Here is a preview of the masked girls:


Maskrippers rating:

The rating is made on May 3rd. I watched season 1 and 2. And season 3 with the last 2 episodes missing, not shown yet.

Mask action

(self unmasking, unmasking, secret identity discovered)

Some good scenes, but no really great one.

18 (max 30)


Regarding action scenes with masked women…the best series! Some great fight scenes. The story is really good as well.

32 (max 25 – BONUS)

Masks (no masked lead actress, so I rate every masked women)

Love the ravager mask! The canary masks are really good for eye masks. (They cover more of the face as usual and are made of rubber)

The mask of the huntress is too small, but better than no mask.

11 (max 15)

Rest of the costumes (no masked lead actress, so I rate every masked women)

A lot of black leather. I like black leather. Pretty “realistic” costumes, no heroines with high heels. You can like that or not (I’m not sure myself)

Black Canary with some serious cleavage.

10 (max 15)

Actresses (no masked lead actress, so I rate every masked women)

A lot of good-looking women in this series! No “Jessica Biel class” type, but a good mix.

11 (max 15)

<<< Overall: 82 (max 100) >>>


The Arrow on Maskripper


Rating info:

The “overall” rating is the addition of my 5 categories:

“Mask action” – up to 30 points (unmasking scenes, unmasking attempts, mask related peril etc.)

Story – up to 25 points (incl. action, fights, story, thrill?)

Mask – up to 15 points (material, shape, “resistance factor”)

Rest of the costume – up to 15 points (material and shape from neck to feet)

Actress(es) – up to 15 points (talent, look)

100 points can be reached! Bonus points (max 5) for greatness will be given if appropriate!

2 thoughts on “Arrow”

  1. So…it’s not any one scene…it’s Arrow the TV show as a ‘whole’ you are counting to be in the Hall of Fame? I guess that makes sense.

    • Yes, there isn’t much unmasking action, and the mask are just ok, BUT having a TV-series where you have 6 or 7 masked women (in total) running around and for the most part one masked heroine in every episode….that is just awesome²!

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