Maskripper VIP Club: September

New month, new content for the VIP Club here on Maskripper!

>>>>> I updated the VIP-Club with new material! <<<<<


1 new video and 1 full length MOVIE have been uploaded for this month!

One video where Batgirl and Wonder Woman have to face a naughty villainess!

And a full MOVIE(!) with Famke Janssen as masked vigilante!

One of the very few movies with a masked female vigilante in the main role.

+ you will have FULL access to my 2 (self-written) Maskripper fetish stories (both over 15 pages each)!

Catwoman – the masked scuba thief [PREVIEW VERSION]

A nightly visitor – A Catwoman tale [PREVIEW VERSION]

Wanna donate some bucks, show your support for this blog (actually help to keep it running) and get good videos and fetish stories in return?

…then JOIN the VIP club on Maskripper!


I accept now amazon gift certificates for, and!

+ now you can pay with credit cards as well, even if you don’t have Paypal!

2 thoughts on “Maskripper VIP Club: September”

    • Moin,
      das heisst schonmal dass du ihn wohl nicht kennst. (#Skandal) 😉
      Er ist aus dem Jahr 1994. Das sollte es wohl einfach genug machen.



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