Maskripper VIP Club: June

I updated the VIP-Club with new material!

2 new videos (together around 17 minutes)

(as always- not from a movie or a tv-series)

+ My special “Black Scorpion” edits from episodes 17-19 …so incl. the best Black Scoprion Episode (19, with Flashpoint) with over 13 minutes of Black Scorpion (6 minutes are the normal screentime for her in one episode) (all scenes with Black Scorpion in it , +some extra sexy Darcy Walker scenes, -the recurring car chase scenes)

+ you will have FULL access to my 2 (self-written) Maskripper fetish stories (both over 15 pages)!

Catwoman – the masked scuba thief [PREVIEW VERSION]

A nightly visitor – A Catwoman tale [PREVIEW VERSION]

Wanna donate some bucks, show your support for this blog (actually help to keep it running) and get good videos and fetish stories in return?


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