Masked (female) cops/soldiers!?

Today I got something different for you… Pictures of masked, female cops/soldiers from Mexico! Why are they masked? Well they fight against the big drug lords of the country… and they don’t wanna show their face(s) in front of the camera! Like Batgirl they need to stay anonymous… 😉


And here are the pictures:

(click to enlarge)

Imagine the cop in the middle in an unmasking struggle with a mobster… 😉

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  1. right, they are from San Pedro Garza municipality in the state of Nuevo León, one of the most affected in the war between drug baron cartels.

  2. If you can add to this, search up in google or another engine.

    female palestinian president guard.

    Yemeni female soldier.

    Some good pictures of masked female soldiers.


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