Masks Off! #29 – Spider-Gwen unmasked!

It is really, really time for a new post for the “Masks Off!” -series.

In this one Spider-Gwen is already weakened by some evil gas as suddenly Frank Castle aka “the punisher” appears.

He’s a cop (on earth-65) and wants to catch her! And he wanna know who’s under that mask… πŸ˜‰

Here are the pictures, enjoy!

Spider-Gwen 003-014

(click on the image to open the gallery)

Keep an eye out for her inner dialog, really good stuff.

Great unmasking! Good have used a little more dialog, but you can’t have everything πŸ˜‰

And an unmasking with a full face mask is always much more interesting… than most others.


1 thought on “Masks Off! #29 – Spider-Gwen unmasked!”

  1. That was Really nice!! I’ve never seen Spider Gwen unmasked before and i have to say it was totally worth the wait!! Beautiful post MR!


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