Batgirl and Catwoman unmasked! [Fan Art]

These pictures need to be on this blog!

Batgirl and Catwoman are getting caught by the police… and they wanna know who’s under these masks πŸ˜‰

batgirl catwoman zero tolerance 1 color by mannameded-dadwkac


(click to enlarge)

Great stuff! And really well done art πŸ™‚

You can find more of his art here:


5 thoughts on “Batgirl and Catwoman unmasked! [Fan Art]”

  1. Yes. The unmasks are a bit too fast, which hurts the suspense, but it is not always easy to put everything in just two or three pages. No one seems to recognize Selina Kyle, once the Catwoman mask is removed. However it is a good little crunchy story.

  2. It’s difficult to crunch out a story with just 3 pages…and so I think this commission was actually quiet good considering it’s only 3 pages. If this was 4 or 5 pages then we have a more suspenseful story. I think this is one of my favorite commissions from MannamedEd.


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