Blue panther unmasked!

For today I edited another video with a fine unmasking for you folks!

Blue panther (my name for her) found herself in a trap. A group of thugs overpower her and now they wanna see the woman behind the mask…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:



And if you wanna know the title of the video:

LINK: Title

0 thoughts on “Blue panther unmasked!”

  1. Great video, thanks for sharing.

    I like the videos where the heroine is now helpless and the villains are all circling. The best part is the second you realise the villains are going for the mask.

  2. This website isn’t bad but I know I miss TOYM. are there any updates on a new unmasking website?? I think everyone is starved for one.

    • We wanted to start it in early january, but due to a serious sickness of the new head admin it was delayed.
      Right now my guess is: In one or two weeks it should be online 😉

      And I’m looking forward to it so that we can exchange more videos and pictures 😉


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