Black Scorpion #1 – The TV-Series

Today it’s time for the Black Scorpion TV-series for her debut here @ the Maskripper. Michelle Lintel was chosen to play the Black Scorpion and her other “half” Darcy Walker, the police detective. There are very, very few TV-series with masked women so this series is an absolute MUST-SEE for anyone interested in superheroines and masked women in general. Here some pictures of Black Scorpion…

(click to enlarge)

The series is a little to cheezy for my taste, but it has the Black Scorpion!! Great stuff…

If someone will ever make a “realistic” non-comedy TV-series with a masked superheroine…. I will have to worship him/her forever. 😉

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  1. I always enjoyed this series. However, it was not my favorite because I knew there would never be a continuous shot of her being unmasked due to the black wig and eye make-up.

  2. I like the unmasking they did in the first Black Scorpion movie with Joan Severance. They showed her face without the eye makeup as the mask was coming off. It was brief but still cool.

    • Yea, that’s the problem with all superheroine series. They appear in one season, and then…goodbye. Birds of Prey is another example: it wasn’t really good, but at least it had some masked women in it. Damn we need a Batgirl TV-series by DC, that would be something (With the right suit/mask and the right actress of course)!


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