Batwoman, season 2, episode 11 “Arrive Alive” [Review]

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2 thoughts on “Batwoman, season 2, episode 11 “Arrive Alive” [Review]”

  1. – I thought Luke and Ryan came off a little forced in their scene with Sophie; thought she’d see straight through it. …I guess *now* she does, though!

    – I did like Luke and Ryan’s bantering during the race though. It’s good to see they’ve got their trust issues with each other (mostly) settled now.

    – I thought Ocean would return as a villain for Alice. Glad I was wrong. Kind of a cop out for Enigma (Enygma?) to just give them their full memories back like that, but eh, I’ll allow it – they’re a great pairing.

    – Once again, Ryan (and Luke’s!!!) stupidity rears its ugly head. Why would their transmitter also record their conversations? And why wouldn’t it be double/triple/quadruple encrypted?? AND WHY WOULDN’T YOU TAKE IT OUT OF THE CAR WHEN YOU PARKED IT BACK AT THE SPOT???!!!

    Overall a good episode, definitely better than last week’s but not as great as it had been. For once, I don’t mind the 2 week break as I’ve got other plans for the weekend/early next week.

    • – I think they played it quite good, incl. that “Larry” gag that I’m still laughing about…. But yeah, in the end, it was for nothing as she found out some hours later.
      – The Ocean+Alice pairing is indeed a good one. But I don’t think it will last for long as she is much too crazy for him…I guess.
      – Yeah, I’m not a fan of how they handled that whole transmitter thing. I wouldn’t call it stupidity as people make mistakes….but that was indeed a bit much.


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