Batwoman News: Trailer + Episode titles

I’m a little late with this here on the blog, but the full trailer for season 3 was released 2 days ago!

Check it out:

We get some quick scenes with the new characters of Renee Montoya, Jada Jet and Marquis Jet + we can see Mad Hatter and Killer Croc!

Some nice reveals 🙂

And also the first 5 episode titles were released today:

Spoiler title
3×01 – Mad as a Hatter— 3×02 – Loose Tooth— 3×03 – Freeze — 3×04 – Antifreeze — 3×05 – A Lesson From Professor Pyg

Well, that’s a really awesome lineup of villains! And that is only the first 5 episodes.

Three more weeks to go!

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