Batwoman News: Teaser + a picture + some minor spoilers + poster

[2nd post for today]

Yesterday, we finally got some promo material for season 3!

It was time the promo machine got started as the season is less than one month away (October 13).

Here is the teaser snippet:

Yeah, just some seconds…but…it’s good to know that Alice won’t just be in prison during season 3 at that would quickly get rather boring.

Also, we can see that the hunt for the trophies that Batman collected from the biggest villains is on!

Poison Ivy is confirmed and cast, but no news on the other possible villains like the Penguin.


If you scroll down a little to the Batwoman part….you can get more info on season 3 here:

*EDIT* September 17:

And we got a new season poster:

(click to enlarge)

Really cool poster, love the Arkham Asylum background and Batwoman’s pose.

Is it October 13 already? No? Damn!

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