Batgirl unmasked by the SelfieQueen?

Hey folks, I found this storyline browsing the mighty internet for the good stuff.

Batgirl get knocked out by the SelfieQueen, who wanna make a picture of Batgirl……UNMASKED!


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Well, that would ruin Batgirl! Can she escape with her mask on?

I love the “mask talk”, the teasing….really good stuff!

This storyline is from this gifted artist:

Link to artist


1 thought on “Batgirl unmasked by the SelfieQueen?”

  1. I am of the same opinion. I love the “mask talk”, the teasing….really good stuff ! Many positive points : Batgirl has never been unmasked with his new costume of the DC’s Reboot, more it is a woman who want unmasks her, for a public unveiling. It is a real rise of excitement, promises of a real beautiful unmasking but … in the end… all this for nothing and we are very disappointed that there is no unmasking. It would just have to revisit the end of the story or make an alternative version or Batgirl does not win.


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