Batgirl UNMASKED before her father in the new issue 26!!!

Well, perhaps you remember my post with this EPIC comic cover? Batgirl-026-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-01

Batgirl is unmasking herself in front of her father….

Well, the time has finally come, the issue is released! As a little christmas present, you can now witness the big unmasking!

Get ready for it!


So, here is the link for the pictures:

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(click to enlarge)

I would love to hear your opinion about the story, the art and the unmasking itself!

I will release my opinion afterwards to prevent spoilers… 😉

2 thoughts on “Batgirl UNMASKED before her father in the new issue 26!!!”

  1. As usual it’s better as a cover and the art work inside is so-so. But, it’s so much better than most Batgirl comics. It’s well done. It’s rare that they show the unmasking. Great find.

  2. Yeah, the cover art is GREAT, the unmasking in the comic isn’t as good as it could be. You can’t pull the mask off like it’s shown in the comic… And the fact that her father doesn’t watch it…kills it.
    But what stays is the great cover! Love it!


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