A woman with a gas mask….and zombies

I stumbled on this clip, I didn’t edit it myself. It jumps right into the scene without introduction.

Perhaps someone knows more about this scene and the exact episode title/number.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

This is from an episode from “Fear the Walking Dead”, but I don’t know which one yet.

I am curious about the context. Who is she? And why is there this virus?

However I always love to see women in gas masks, as they hide the face pretty well and has some additional ….”benefits” as well 😉

The cheated a little on the quick unmasking. If you check the scene frame by frame, the mask goes off way too easy. I guess she was just “holding” the already pulled off gas mask in front of her face, as she yanked it away. You can’t pull off a tightly strapped gas mask like that.

However a good scene, I would like to see more of it!

Does anyone know from which episode this is?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!


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3 thoughts on “A woman with a gas mask….and zombies”

  1. Wow ! she looks amazing in that suit and gas mask.
    I only hope she keeps it on to at least some of that episode. I agree with you on the unmasking. It would have been more difficult without breaking the straps. I noticed that a woman that worried about contamination in the air , who resorted to gear up that much, did not seem that fazed when her mask was ripped off, nor did she seem too desperate to get it back on.
    I loved how her voice sounded when she had the mask on.

    • Yeah, I need to find out the background story of her. What is the contamination? The others don’t seem to know about it. Why?
      And yeah, I hope that isn’t the only scene with her and that suit.
      And the gas mask has another use here as well. The zombies can’t bite you in the face 😉

  2. Also I think she is in that suit to keep her from getting nuclear contamination on her rather than a virus.
    Thu suit won’t stop her being irradiated if she is next to contamination but it will keep the contamination off her once she is safely away from the source and she strips off and ditches the suit.

    Also if a woman dressed like that told me to strip of my clothes, I would have stripped for her before I even noticed she was pointing a gun at me.( the suit and mask may have distracted me a little)


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