Win a free Month for the Maskripper VIP club!

Well, to celebrate the BIG news from yesterday (Batwoman got renewed for a 2nd season)…. I would like to donate one free month for the Maskripper VIP club!

All you have to do is to answer these questions:

A) Who is playing “Alice” on the Batwoman TV show?

B) Who directed episode 8 “A mad tea party”?

C) Which actress played this character in the show?

(click to enlarge)

The first one who gives correct answer to all 3 questions gets the free month!

Use the comment function below (the speech bubble) to send your answers.

And please provide a working mailadress so that I can send you the mail with the password.

(only I will see the mailadress)

*EDIT* Competition is over, we have a winner!



2 thoughts on “Win a free Month for the Maskripper VIP club!”

    • Well, if I would be pedantic, I would say your answers are not 100% correct since you need to swap B and C.
      But, I’m not….so:
      Congrats, we have a winner! Competition is over.


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