Two new Batgirl fan-movies! [Friday night in Gotham][Batgirl: Destiny calls]

Hey folks, I wanna present two Batgirl fan-movies that you really must see if you haven’t already. (Thanks to the guys who presented them at Behind the mask!)

The first one is Friday night in Gotham:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Really well made fan movie! And pretty great fight scenes for such a limited budget! 🙂

It seems like they will make more Batgirl movies!


And the second movie that I wanna show you folks is:

Batgirl: Destiny calls

(click to enlarge)

And here is the movie:

I love the dark tone of this movie! Batgirl doesn’t just beat these goons easily, she has to suffer to win it!

Personally I don’t really like that Batgirl “burnside” costume…but at least she wears some sort of cowl that hides something.

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Your opinion about these movies?


4 thoughts on “Two new Batgirl fan-movies! [Friday night in Gotham][Batgirl: Destiny calls]”

  1. I like them both for different reasons. It was a great surprise for the end of 2017…2 Batgirl fan films featuring 2 different versions of the character.

    • Much appreciated 🙂 My name is Kevin, I directed and produced Batgirl: Destiny Calls. I love the feedback we’ve been getting, be it good or bad. We are working on a potential sequel and take all critique into consideration.

  2. Both movies were entertaining but Friday night in Gotham was great. She really nailed the part and I have to say her costume was very sexy. I bet she got very hot doing the fight scenes in it. Fair play to her. Thanks for posting.

  3. That is good news for sure. I’ve also heard in the comments section for the other “Friday night in Gotham” Batgirl fan film that they plan on making another one as well. This must be something new…sequels to fan films!!! I love it.


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