The ultimate unmasking of Batgirl – Part 2

And now Part 2 of my favorite unmasking of Batgirl! Her full face mask was ripped in two steps into the “classic” Batgirl mask…time to unmask her completely!


Here are the pictures:

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I love how he damages her mask with the collision as a first “step”. And then he finish her mask by his vicious attack.

Great stuff! 🙂

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  1. I remember this one. I actually bought this whole comic…It must have been 12 issues in this book. My favorite is still Barbara Gordon version. This Cass version is boring to me. A Ninja Batgirl….with a Gimp mask. No thanks. The unmasking was dramatic but the art work was so so. What I can’t stand is that some sequences look really well done and then some just look like they had to rush through and some of the porportions of the human body just looks off.

    • Cass was the best to me because her background and motivation made sense to her being in the suit. Stephanie as well though less so she served as a good foil for the more serious BatFam members. Babs just never made sense to me and she seems like a more interesting character as Oracle. Librarian turned crime fighter just seems hokey especially considering her dad is a cop and a lot of cops know who she is.

      • “especially considering her dad is a cop and a lot of cops know who she is.”

        What do you mean by that? I am following the comcis, but some cops know that she is Batgirl? Can you name the issues, or why/howe do they know it?

      • They don’t know that she’s Batgirl but they do know Barbara Gordon personally. It would be hard to maintain her secret identity when she runs into them during a case. For instance in the old DC continuity before New 52, Detective Bullock recognizes Renee Montoya when she took up the Question mantle from Vic Sage because he recognized her ass. It was funny sure but it’s just hard to buy Babs keeping her identity a secret when she has grown up around these cops. The last issue was also ridiculous in how Gordon was interacting with her and didn’t know who she was

  2. Great stuff. I wonder why doesn’t Barbara get unmasked as often as Cass.
    ‘course she’s sort of a public figure, more easyly recognizable, etc. But come on writers… 😉

    • I wonder why there was NEVER a storyline with a villain who tries everything to unmask her (by ripping her mask off). It would be SOOOOO great (and logical)!


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