The ultimate unmasking of Batgirl – Part 1

Now it’s time for my favorite unmasking of Batgirl! In this post you will see the first (of 2) parts of it. (The unmasking takes place in several steps in 2 comics).

Let the unmasking of Batgirl begin!


Here you can see the pictures:

batgirl 68 page0015
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I love the ripping of the lower part of her mask, greatly made!

But that was only half of THE unmasking of Batgirl, more will follow!

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  1. Man Cass was the best. Steph was a good sidekick but I didn’t like her much as Batgirl but i still liked her better than Barbara. But now that I think about it both of them got unmasked more frequently than Barbara did so I guess she beat them in that regard!

  2. I never cared for this Ninja Batgirl angel. However, I did pick up this Hardback which contained like 6 or 10 issues…I later gave it to someone else. The unmasking was the best by far.


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