The masked villainess Reign makes her debut in Supergirl [Catfight]

Time to present the first big appearance by Reign, the new villain in the Supergirl TV series. And Reign is a masked villainess 🙂

In this scene she confronts Supergirl, and they deliver a big fight, a sexy fight, a brutal fight!


(click to enlarge)

And here are the videos:



A masked villainess VS Supergirl….hmh, that’s a FIGHT! 🙂

And it shows that Reign isn’t like the foes Supergirl used to battle in the past.

Love that ending…

Your opinion?

1 thought on “The masked villainess Reign makes her debut in Supergirl [Catfight]”

  1. I remember this episode where Supergirl and Reign mix it up but our heroine gets defeated (at least for the moment) against a masked version of herself. All it needed was some ripped clothes on Supergirl! 🙂 If I recall, Red5 of his Superheroines Unmasked was a “transformation” fan and liked to see the mousy Linda Danvers change into the powerful Supergirl, revealing a busty “S” emblem as she opened her shirt, a la Clark Kent-style. Thanks much for posting this!


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