The adventures of the masked Rubberwoman! – BONUS post

Well, some weeks ago I didn’t think I would make a third post about this TV show and this murderous Rubberwoman (official title, it’s actually latex)….but here we are.

After the Rubberwoman appeared in the first two episodes of the show, the show continued as an anthology show, each episode had different characters and different storylines.

But now in episode 7….the Rubberwoman returns alongside some familiar characters!

She doesn’t get a lot of screentime….but she has two nice scenes that I wanna present here.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Yeah, she isn’t masked for very long, but I LOVE two things about these scenes:

First the kiss with her hot girlfriend that kisses her passionately on the gag (right term?). Very sexy!

Love how her hands are on the sides of the mask while they kiss.

Also, the scene where she is laying in bed and then suddenly that latex hand appears is a nice surprise to see her girlfriend dressed up like this!

Even it’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of her as we only get that one side angle, but ok… still a really nice ending and her girlfriend looks awesome in that suit 🙂

I really like the overall storyline of this episode with the woman trying to make a video game about the murder house. Also, it was great to have some video game scenes in the intro of the episode.


I doubt we will see these two again on the show in these roles….but well, that’s what I said some weeks earlier after episode 2.

So….perhaps…..just perhaps…..Rubberwoman might return….again! 😉

Still don’t know which show/episode this is?


What do you think of these scenes?

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4 thoughts on “The adventures of the masked Rubberwoman! – BONUS post”

  1. Actually none of the actresses wear that suit except for the first episode with Sierra putting it on. For the entire series stunt woman Devyn Labella wears the suit, and she’s hotter than either of them 😉 . She was in the suit during the kiss scene.

    • Interesting, seems like you did some research on this. Quite odd that she needed a stunt woman for this at all as she has only little action and that’s basically only stabbing people.
      But perhaps Sierra was uncomfortable wearing the suit? But well, I didn’t realize that someone else was in the suit, so the stunt work worked perfectly for me.
      Well in the end scene in the bed, that is the real actress as well. But ok, it’s not the “full” Rubberwoman if the mask isn’t in place.

  2. Hey I’m just happy we have a female character who dresses like this on a well liked well known mainstream show! Could you imagine this being acceptable in the 1950’s or even the 1990’s ?
    Only good things can come from this.


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