Spider-Gwen – cosplay and art

1st post for today (out of 2)

Hey folks, how about some pictures of Spider-Gwen? For today some cosplay pictures in combination with some good art pictures.

Some pictures (6)  were send to me by a helpful user, the others (4) are from me. Thanks man! So 10 pictures in total for you!



And here are all 10 pictures:

(click to enlarge)

I guess I couldn’t hold her like that, without getting a ….. 😉 🙂

0 thoughts on “Spider-Gwen – cosplay and art”

  1. Neat costume. I kind of wish Mayday switched her suit to something like this because I feel like she’d be more popular and it’s original vs. wearing her uncle’s old suit (Never 4get Ben Reilly! ;_;)

    Some good cosplay. People really seemed to dig the suit more than anything. I haven’t actually read her comics though so I don’t even know if they’re good beyond her suit’s design


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