Sister Night in action! [Watchmen]

From the full basket of material I wanna post about Sister Night today!

In the new Watchmen TV show she is a masked vigilante who kicks some ass. There are more scenes with her throughout the season, but I wanna focus on some scenes of her from the very first episode.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

This video is not exactly suited for vegetarians 😉

I like how she combines different mask parts to protect her secret identity. Fabric cover her mouth and nose region, facepaint to cover her eye region and a hood.

Pretty effective cover! Altough the mask isn’t very “sexy” for me.

The overall action and especially the close combat fight scenes are done very well in this TV show. I like how she kicks ass.

Unfortunately Sister Night isn’t in every episode and her secret identity isn’t very secret and no one really cares about it anyway. But besides the storyline with all its twists and WTF-moments…she is another good reason to watch the show.

Here is the IMDB link for the show:


(this video was made from scenes from the 1st episode)

What do you think about these scenes and her costume?

Have you seen the show so far?

Leave a comment below!



4 thoughts on “Sister Night in action! [Watchmen]”

  1. I guess we differ on our tastes. I find the domino masks and the Batwoman type masks very irritating when it doesn’t cover the nose and mouth. This on the other hand gets me as giddy as a schoolgirl 😀 .

    • 😆
      Yeah, different folks, different tastes.
      Ok, the tip of the nose maybe “exposed” on the Batwoman mask, but I would say the nose is covered for 95%.
      That’s enough for me 😉

  2. I think the mask and costume is ok. But the Angela Abarr character is hot as hell and very well written.
    It took me two episodes to really get into this show but I am a now a complete convert. The writing is excellent and the action it not afraid to go gory.
    I can’t wait for the med season finale.
    While I loved the original comic/ movie I am not sure what Alan Moore would make of this, but it stays faithful to the original, goes places Alan didn’t and actually has two well written female characters
    ( unlike the original)

    • I only have one more episode left to watch. I wonder how it will end.
      Seems like you are a little behind on the episodes. But so you have some good ones ahead if you 😉


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