Robin joins the Batwoman TV show in season 3!

That’s how you do a clickbait headline! 😉

Yeah, Robin does join the show in season 3, but not “that” Robin…..

It was announced yesterday that Robin Givens will play “Jada Jet” as a new series REGULAR:

“A powerful CEO for Jet Industries, Jada isn’t bossy: she’s the boss. Passionate and hard-working, a woman who has worked her way through life’s ups and downs to climb her way to the top — all while being extremely protective over her impetuous son. A woman with a deep past that forced her to give up her first-born child, Jada is a woman with a good heart, but will do whatever it takes to protect her family.

Well, that sounds a LOT like she will also be Ryan’s birth mom….AND….that Ryan seemingly also has a brother! Hard to say how big his role will be.

Will be very interesting to see why her mother abandoned Ryan! Hope there is a really interesting story behind all that…..

Here the article:

I hope for more casting news and info on season 3 in the next weeks!

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