Mr Felix and his masked maidens – #3

So, how about some more insane japanese unmasking videos? For today I chose 3 videos from Mr. Felix!

A preview:


Warning! Some nudity involved!

*The videos are all for download on a trusted site*

LINK: – Video 1 – Glamour Heroine Unmasked Again

LINK: – Video 2 – japanese heroine unmasked 00

LINK: – Video 3 – pink glamour and underwear-mask unmasked!

(titles borrowed from Mr. Felix)

Oh the japanese and their masked heroines….good stuff!



8 thoughts on “Mr Felix and his masked maidens – #3”

  1. I’ve noticed that Mr. Felix #2 didn’t make the jump to this new site… instead we just have 1 and 3. Do you still have the links it provided? Can you repost it at all?

      • Eh, yeah… I see the logic there. That can definitely be a bit too much. 😛 I mean this most certainly isn’t a porn blog, so standards must be set. Just thought I’d ask. 🙂


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