German comic con Dortmund news

[2nd post today]

Some news to report:

I will be attending the german comic con in Dortmund next week (december 10th). I am really looking forward to it! Never been to one, and comic cons in germany are still a pretty “new” thing. I hope to see some well-made cosplays. Especially from masked heroines like Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman, Spider-girl, Spider-gwen and so on. I will take my little amateur camera with me and take some pictures and videos.

6 thoughts on “German comic con Dortmund news”

    • Don’t worry, I won’t do anything illegal.
      Perhaps “little” is the wrong word for my camera. It’s a normal camera, nothing fancy, nothing expensive. But not a hidden camera, if you meant that 😉


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