Batwoman unmasked by the Riddler!

Batwoman chases the Riddler. She manages to stop him, but he takes advantage of the situation and reaches for her mask…

…her defense is down and the Riddler manages to rip her mask off in front of some reporters! Her secret identity is exposed…

The ulitmate nightmare for every masked hero!

From the series: “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”

Episode: Crisscross conspiracy



7 thoughts on “Batwoman unmasked by the Riddler!”

  1. Did Batgirl almost get unmasked at any point in this series. At least an attempt. Batwoman isn’t as interesting. But this was a Great find.

  2. I never saw this before either. I love the helpless look on her face as she is surrounded by all those people eager to see who Bat Woman really is. And Batman doesn’t lift a finger to save her — that bastard! 🙂

  3. I Loved this episode!! Seeing BatWoman getting UnMasked by the Riddle was Spectacular! I was really hoping at the end when she was Arrested by the police that she might be unmasked again BUT you take what you can! Great upload.


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