Batwoman, season 2, episode 3: “Bat Girl Magic!”

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[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

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My highlights from this episode (without particular order):

1 –  Victor Zsasz! His first scene was already great! Loved how he seemingly really enjoys his murderous job and throw in funny lines here and there. Alex Morf plays him really well, by far my favorite version of Victor Zsasz so far as the character was also in “Gotham” TV show and in the “Birds of Prey” movie). My favorite scene with him was the scene in the lab where he is surprised that the scientist has a gun stashed there (“what kind of scientist are you?” :lol:) but quickly gets the upper hand over him by distracting him cleverly. Also, the slightly creepy music that was playing as he was carving himself another mark was a great score! Hope it will be on the Spotify list of the show quickly. And I really want Victor to appear again in the show! For now he’s in Arkham…but I think that won’t hold him for long 🙂

2 – Ryan has to deal with her double life! Yeah, as a crime-fighting vigilante you normally encounter some problems to deal with both lives at the same time. As Ryan still has to see a parole officer she quickly needed a day job and she got herself a job in “the Hold up” the bar that Kate used to run. The scene at the end was also interesting as the parole officer showed her admiration for Batwoman, not knowing -of course- that the person was sitting right in front of her. Love the little “slip-up” that Ryan had as she mentioned that she saved her boss’s ass, forgetting for a moment that that was actually Batwoman and not her (Ryan). Now Ryan will also need a home address, so I guess we will see in the next episode how she gets herself a new place to live. Wonder where she will end up living?

3 – Safiyah enters the show! After all the teasers we got about her we finally saw the infamous leader of Coryana. Also, we learned quite a lot about how she is connected to Alice who was her student after she escaped the hellish basement in which she was kept for so long. I really enjoyed how Shivaani Ghai played her really calm and totally sure of herself. That was a good contrast to Alice who is so out of control as her “world” is a total mess after her revenge plan on Kate was destroyed after the disappearance of Kate. And Safiyah has actually Kate! Quite a reveal as she showed Kates’s necklace! It seems that she now has the control over Alice to use her in Gotham for some plans of her. I wonder what Safiyah is up to?

4 – The new Batwoman has her own suit now! I liked how Victor and the goons triggered Batwoman to get her own fitting suit. As I mentioned here and there I really love her new suit as it looks sexier with the shiny material on it. Not totally sure about the new wig so far, but it fits better to her after all. In season 1 a goon grabbed into Kates’s wig and nearly yanked the whole cowl off. I wonder if that be a topic again with the new wig being more voluminous and providing an easy “target” in close combat.


Some aspect I didn’t like in this episode:

>>> Victor firing a missile launcher at Batwoman in his apartment(?). Come on….yes he’s crazy and insane, but he is also very good at his job! Firing a missile at someone who is just standing some meters away from you in a ROOM….is really…. bad for everyone’s health! It looked weird how the missile exploded seemingly in mid-air for no reason(?). That was too “over the top” for me. That is something you would expect to see in a Dolph Lundgren or Chuck Norris 80’s b-action flick. But ok, I get that they needed him to have a dangerous weapon so Batwoman would actually flee the scene….but I think it would have been better for him to be a little too strong in a close combat fight for the newbie Batwoman, so she would flee to fight another day. Or he would escape before she would be able to capture him.

>>> Also, I found it pretty odd that Ryan was able to make some big design changes to the suit in seemingly a couple of hours, just like Luke in season 1. I would say it would take a serious expert to make such changes to a complicated high-tech suit. But ok, on the other hand….as she did it without Lukes’s knowledge, it was the only option that she would make it herself. After all, you can’t just ask anyone to make such a suit for you as it would be verrrrry suspicious at least 😉


It’s ok that the new Batwoman still needs training with all her gadgets as she clearly had some problems with them. So, the “goofy” elements in the early fight were ok for me, but I hope that she will be able to handle these gadgets from now on so the action scenes don’t have these goofy elements anymore.

The Bat-team don’t need to worry about money, even without Kate’s money (whoever has now control over it?)….as Mary is verrrry rich now as she sold all her shares she had on her mother’s company. So, Batwoman should enough fancy gadgets in the future as well.

I wonder how much effort Safiyah will invest in killing Mary? She is very angry about the Desert Rose cure being now known to some in Gotham. Will be interesting to see how that will develop.

As Ryan and Luke had a rather rough start, it was good to see that he starts to accept her as the new Batwoman for now. The scene where he presented a new Batarang to her in the bar was most likely the start of a relationship like he had/has with Kate.

The scene with Mary and Luke who seemingly both accept now that Kate is seemingly dead (to their knowledge) was pretty emotional. I liked how they build in that Jewish blessing. As Sophie and Jacob already know that Kate is alive, I hope that these two will learn about that really quick.

The Batman reference from Victor was nice, but the Black Mask reference was even cooler! I wonder when we will get news on the actor who will play the role and when the character will show up in the show.

Right now I don’t have the slightest clue why Kate was interested in that picture of a Jack Napier (Joker in the first Michael Keaton Batman movie) and why/how it is connected to Safiyah. Seemingly Kate was on Safiyah’s trail somehow. But why? She was on Coryana at some point before she went to Gotham, but what happened back then? Will be interesting to get to know more about all of that.


*EDIT* February 2:

>>> Also the Kryptonite aspect wasn’t mentioned in this episode at all. But if Ryan will get sick in the future….there is a nice treatment from Safiyah’s island 😉

>>> Rating “General:” <<<

4 out of 5 – A good episode with quite some highlights!



Batwoman screen time:  04:50 (long cut)

“Mask action” (blue colored if yes): – attempted unmasking  – forced unmaskings (incl. a witness) – self unmaskings (without witness) – self unmaskings (with a witness) – unmaskings  – mask damage – “mask talk” (incl. “secret identity talk”) – additional masked women – close calls with opportunities to unmask Batwoman

 Who knows her secret identity by now (Ryan Wilder Batwoman)?:

For sure: 2 – 0 of these are villains



Sexy “mask-related” -scenes:

The new, (even) sexier costume is a great plus.

And the scene where Victor was holding a knife to Batwoman’s throat was a nice peril scene. Seemingly he had the upper hand, and perhaps he could have even reached for her cowl.

The “double life” aspects of Ryan’s new night job were interesting.

>>> Rating “Mask”: <<<

2,5 out of 5 – Not so much Batwoman, but we get the new Batwoman suit! I wonder when we get a villain who will try to unmask her?



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And here are my special Batwoman cuts from this episode:

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