Batwoman News, October 6

Season 3 of the Batwoman TV show is only one week away!

So, I took the time and prepared a season 3 page for the show and edited the other season pages as well.

I also added links to the season 2 Blu-ray and DVD sets to the season 2 page.

So, if you wanna have season 2 in your collection, you are very welcome to get it here and thereby support this blog with a little donation, that doesn’t cost you anything.

For those who are interested there are also 4 “Special features” on the Blu-ray set (don’t know about the DVD version):
“Villains analyzed”
“Never alone: Heroes and Allies”
“Deleted Scenes”
and a “Gag Reel”
That is much more than the very few extras of season 1.
Looking forward to checking these out as well!
Especially the deleted scenes 🙂

I will start re-watching season 2 today and watch all the 18 episodes in the upcoming days to be ready for season 3.

And if you want to know more about the first episode of season 3 “Mad as a Hatter”, here are some links for you:

Synopsis of episode 1, season 3

Picture gallery of episode 1, season 3


And I changed the picture on top of the website. Nearly identical to the Youtube channel now.

Hope you like it.


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