Batwoman: Episode titles from season 2 + another teaser

Season 2 is still coming next year, but now we can also say:
….Season 2 is starting next MONTH! ?

….sounds SOOO much better… πŸ˜‰

Besides that, the episodes titles for the first 5 episodes were revealed:

Spoiler title

2×01 – Whatever Happened to Kate Kane?

2×02 – Prior Criminal History

2×03 – Bat Girl Magic!

2×04 – Fair Skin, Blue Eyes

2×05 – Gore on Canvas

Judging by the titles:
1) Well, hopefully we will get some answers to that….only some….at least.
2) That will certainly be about Ryan Wilders criminal past and how she now wants to leave that behing her
3) A wordplay…. this will be the episode were Ryan gets her own/new batsuit. But why “Girl” instead of “Woman”? I doubt it has anything to do with Batgirl.
4) Sounds like a description of Alice(?)
5) Interesting….. an episode with a horror touch? Perhaps the episode with Victor Zsasz?

Forgot to post this one, even it has only some new seconds of a scene from season 2:


I am hoping/expecting that the full trailer for season 2 surfaces with the next 9 days.

Let’s see if I am right or not….

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