A heroine in danger – The conclusion (Batgirl about to be UNMASKED!)

Remember this pic?



Well the 3 ladies wanted to bring Batgirl to their headquarter to UNMASK her (to get leverage over her).

And now you can see the conclusion!

And here are all 7 pictures:

The-Movement-010-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001 (1)
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Your opinion about it?

(My thoughts about it will follow)

0 thoughts on “A heroine in danger – The conclusion (Batgirl about to be UNMASKED!)”

  1. Thanks for sharing…it was a fun unmasking attempt. I’d figure if Batgirl was ever unmasked…it’ll be in her own series.

    • Yeah Didio and Simone wouldn’t want their precious Batgirl getting majorly punked by some no-name new characters! Wish they went for a compromise though and had her get unmasked but beat all their asses before they took a pic (why’d that chick even take a pic before they unmasked her anyway? :P) and then when everyone was picking their teeth off the ground she would put her cowl back on.

    • Actually not too bad. Most unmasking attempts don’t even get to the point where the mask is lifted off the skin. Sometimes the hand doesn’t even touch the heroine before something happens.

      • I agree it’s quite a solid unmasking attempt 🙂
        What I don’t understand is…. how does he wanna unmask her by lifting the mask like that? You can’t get it off like that….


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