A cat burglar and the waving cat [great heist scene in “Dr. Who”]

Post 1 out of 2 for today!

This one is a great example of perfection and complete failure can be found in just some minutes of a video.

We have a sexy cat burglar who breaks into a museum to steal a very valuable chalice.


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And here is the video:

First of all …some bad aspects:
Who created the heist scene?
Museum guards with assault rifles? Isn’t that a BIT much? Why not bazookas too?
A laser system that goes around that chalice, which is open at the top(!?!)….and completely useless/unnecessary IF you have 4(!) guards with assault rifles(!) standing around it.
None of the guards is watching the guarded object! WTF??????
All of the guards are completely deaf! No one hears anything from what is happening one foot behind them (she moves very quietly…but she must make at least some noise)!
No one seems to check the cameras that there are in such a museum! (and would spot her immediately)
And worst of all:
She UNMASKS herself …as she is still in the museum!!!
A very BAD move my dear! (cameras and guards she could run into)

But, on the GOOD side:
She looks great with and without the mask!
The mask fits perfectly and is a perfect disguise as well. It is also greatly secured as the leather jacket “covers” the lower end. Her leather outfit is great. 🙂
I love these flat, over-knee leather boots…realistic AND quite sexy.
It’s good how she is cornered on the streets (even without a mask) and it is so difficult to escape for her.

Now imagine how EPIC this scene would be…..IF (the “Maskripper version” of this scene):
She steals the chalice.
She runs into some guards (while still masked), let’s say three.
They don’t have assault rifles (lol) …they have batons.
She puts her great martial arts skills to good use and delivers a real battle even against all three of them.
She kicks them, uses leg scissors, punches, throws.
They get more and more angry and embarrassed that one woman seems to be able to fight against all 3 of them.
They start to coordinate the attacks better.
Two grab her arms and fixate her.
The third: “Let’s see how this feisty one looks underneath her mask”
He reaches for her mask, stretching it, playing with it slowly, enjoying it.
The cameras zooms in on her face. The desperation in her eyes. She grunts and moans, trying to break free.
Her mask is getting loose slowly.
“NO! STOP that!…..NO!”. She is on the brink of panic.
Finally, she manages to kick the guard who is still playing with her mask, he falls on his back.
She struggles hard to break free from the other two. One of them is reaching for her mask. Touching the fabric. (slow-motion).
In that moment she kicks the other one off her side.
Immediately she uses her free hand to grab into her mask, stopping the unmasking. She kicks him too.
All three attack her, she dodges around and the battle continues.
2 are down by now.
The last guard grabs her from behind, pulling her very close.
“You fought very well, but I won’t let you escape. …. especially not with your mask on!”
He starts to yank on her mask as she hits him right in the face with her back head. He falls on his back with a bloody nose.
“I rather keep it on!”
More guards are closing in.
The camera zooms in on her sexy boots as she runs away.

*EDIT* February 2024:

Here is a “Making Of” video with some interesting scenes that was recommended to me:

Wanna know from which episode of this TV show this was taken? Here is the link:


What do you think of that scene?

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