Asian Catwoman….trapped! #1

Today I wanna present you a very interesting version of a Catwoman! She wears a full face spandex mask, only the eyes are visible….(by the way: I love that mask!).

In this first part I edited together…. you will have 4 scenes with her. Including a fight scene and a scene where she puts on her great, sexy Catwoman outfit 🙂

Some pictures for starters:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the sexy video:



What a great outfit! Especially the mask is great…. hides a lot, sexy material, hard to pull off. A+

If you like the video let me know, I have much more from that movie.... 😉

(And of course I can’t tell you the name of the movie….for now)

10 thoughts on “Asian Catwoman….trapped! #1”

  1. This looks like awesome. I think I’ve seen the pics for this video. Doesn’t she get trapped in a glue like substance? I like it. But I still prefer open face mask.


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