The new site

Well, this address is new, the content (pretty much) the same. Why I moved to the new one?

Well on this self-hosted site, I don’t have the restrictions from And I decided to do something new.

I killed the old “skip this ad” links. For starters for the last 40 posts. EDIT: Now all posts from 2016 and 2015 without AD-links! More will follow, but that takes some serious time to edit all the posts here and on frogwoman (has a new address as well).

And you won’t see any AD-links on new posts either.

The concept of these links didn’t work too well, some AD were pretty…aggressive and the money it generated for me…well, it was ridiculous.

For about a week or so you will not find any advertising on the main page. I will start to include some banner ADs the next weekend.

I guess that concept will bring a little more money for me and less annoying interruptions for you. I will try if the pages will generate enough to pay the host costs and justify the work I put in.

The posts are pretty easy to make, BUT you need time to discover new material. And time to edit that, make screenshots and so on.

So, let’s see how you like the new concept.