Stargirl – Season 2, episode 8


I updated the “Hall of Fame” with a new entry (15). If you checked the blog the last weekend it won’t be a new one for you, but it certainly deserves to be there.

Now, here is my short review of episode 8 of Stargirl (season 2):


Another interesting and thrilling episode….BUT….and you know what comes now…….with NO scenes at all with the masked ladies.

Ok, well, Courtney is holding Wildcat’s cowl in her hands after Yolanda dropped her costume and cowl at Courtney’s place…but well, that doesn’t fully count.

After so much Stargirl and Wildcat in episode 6, we got practically no scenes with the masked ladies in the 2 episodes after that.

So, I really would like to see more of Stargirl in a TV show that is called “Stargirl” 😉

I want more Stargirl in “Stargirl”.

Sometimes it feels like a Batman movie where Batman has two scenes in it.

Some pictures:

(click to enlarge)

But enough of that for now.

The episode focuses on Rick and Beth. They are both heavily influenced by Eclipso in different ways.

I like how he tries to manipulate them with their worst fears, that is really well played.

And that brat from hell is quite terrifying! I love the dark atmosphere and the horror elements of the episode.

The odds aren’t very good for team Stargirl at the moment.

Stargirl’s staff is still recovering, Courtney is really frustrated. Yolanda quit being Wildcat. Rick destroyed the hourglass beyond repair(?).

Beth won her “battle” with Eclipso for the moment, that was a victory much needed for the team and especially for her.

There are 5 more episodes in this season. At the moment my prediction/guess is that there will be very little or no scenes with Stargirl and her team in the next 2 episodes and that they then finally team up again to fight Eclipso in the last 3 episodes.

Here is the trailer for the next episode:

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