Stargirl – Season 2, episode 11

…or as this post could also be named: Stargirl, season 2, episode 11

Yeah, as predicted…no Stargirl (or Wildcat) in this episode as well. Also… no color for most of the episode πŸ˜†

And how more and more absurd the loooooooooong absence of the title heroine in this show becomes….as a matter of fact….this was a good episode nonetheless!


Normally I’m not a fan of black & white videos as the missing colors are…..”unsexy” for me.

But here there was at least a good reason to present the Shadowland in black and white, it makes sense.

It was good that we now had at least some action scenes, even without the masked heroines.

Much better than the episode before that had basically no action at all.

Some pictures:

(click to enlarge)

The whole idea to have this shadowland where Eclipso was born and where all these people are stuck (willing or non-willing) is quite thrilling.

It will be very interesting to see the rescued Dr. Midnighter and Cindy now both working for the good guys.

And what will Beth’s role now be as the “original” Dr. Midnighter is now back?

Now they need to get Rick out of prison and find Yolanda who needs to be in her Wildcat outfit!

The Shade had a “nice” end as he sacrificed himself to free the three out of the shadowland. He was a good guy after all.

The trailer for episode 12 doesn’t show any masked ladies, but ok these trailers are only 20 seconds long.

We have now 2 episodes left this season….so I do think that we FINALLY get to see Stargirl and Wildcat again in the next episode.

The big, final battle with Eclipso is about to start….so my excitement for these episodes is quite high!

And PLEASE, some serious Stargirl/Wildcat screentime for these last two episodes.

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