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17.05.2014: NEW A little update on the Support Maskripper campaign:

Until now, one guy (lady) used the links to buy something. That’s a start but could get much better…

I don’t say that you should use the link to buy some random stuff. But feel free to use it, IF you wanna buy something on Amazon. That hurts nobody and would reduce or even kill the AD-links on this site! And you would  help to keep this blog running!

11.05.2014: Added the Support Maskripper page! Check it out to get more infos…

03.11.2013: I made a trailer for this page, my first steps on video editing! Feel free to watch it 😉

26.10.2013: If you have any problems with the AD site that pops up if you click on certain links:

You should see a “Skip the AD”-Button after around 5 seconds on the upper right side of your screen.

If not you should check the AD-blocker settings in your browser.

(or just try another browser)

And don’t think I get rich on your patience by these ADs, it’s just to make a few bucks every month. How few? Well see for yourself, this is my stat-page right now:


(click to enlarge)

And that is for Maskripper AND Frogwomen in total….

05.10.2013:  I put the “normal” links for the main page back in place. So no ADs anymore if you click “Page 1” or “Home”.

29.09.2013: I have a new blog about female scuba divers in action called Frogwomen. Feel free to check it out!

27.09.2013:Updated the background image on the left side, hope you like it!

27.09.2013: Links updated

And I forgot to post here: Scuba Girl was finally unmasked! Thanks to the commenters 😉

25.08.2013: Today I puplished the 50th post on this Blog! Thanks for all the followers, the commenters and the guys who send me some written lines! 🙂

Keep it up guys and girls!

21.08.2013: Links updated

11.08.2013:  One last clue for the guys who haven’t figured out the password yet. The Name of the actress can be found on my big article from yesterday… 😉

And thanks for nice amount of comments, interesting read! Keep em coming 🙂

The Scuba Girl is close to be unmasked! Only ONE more comment is needed…


10.08.2013: Seems like the majority had some problems with the password, so I guess I need to give more hints: She was in Iraq and lost an arm (in the movie), she was the big love of a magician in vienna, and was in a remake of a Schwarzenegger movie! That should be enough help, you should have seen at least one of these six movies 😉


09.08.2013: Looking for a password? Are you sure you are old enough? You must be an adult to see these pictures in the post… 😉 … if not, please stop reading!

Ok let me give you some hints: 4 letters, (last) name….she hunted vampires, was flying a fighter jet, ran away from a maniac with a chainsaw. Shouldn’t be to tough….

08.08.2013: An Article about my favorite unmasking fantasy is in preparation 😉

The Scuba Girl is about to escape with her mask on! 4 more comments needed to stop her and unmasking her 😉


03.08.2013: Links updated


01.08.2013: Added the “Maskripper Archives” to the site. You can check out all posts from a certain month. Not a great use right now, but it will become in the future… 😉

Together with the “Recent Posts”, “Categories”, “Tags” and “Search” it should help you to navigate on the site and find all the posts you are interested in. But remember that only up to 15 posts will be shown on the same page. With 16 or more posts a “Older Posts” Button will appear on the bottom left.

Now only 4 comments are missing to unmask the Scuba Girl . With 10 comments in total I will post a picture of her unmasked! Don’t wanna resolve the mystery?


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