More Batwoman casting news

As the filming of season 3 of Batwoman is already underway, we get more casting news!

Creegan will play Marquis Jet. A sexy playboy who grew up in a lavish lifestyle, Marquis is too charming for his own good and wields his power with a ne’er do well attitude. He views life as one big joke and that sense of recklessness has a tendency to clash horribly with his no-nonsense mother Jada Jet. When he meets Ryan (Leslie), he sees in her a like-minded young go-getter who like him is just waiting for the right opportunity to make his mark on Gotham.

Will be interested to see what he is up to and how that will most likely collide with Ryan and Batwoman’s plans! I guess he might become some sort of villain in the season.

Looking forward to seeing him in the show!

11 weeks until season 3 starts 🙂



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